Smart in TALIS        

Given that our precious water resource is under increasing pressure due to population rises and the impact of climate change, it is time for the water sector to start investing in the future of the entire network to provide a sustainable service. The growing need to become more efficient and optimize the existing water network means there is now an increasing demand for new solutions – SMART solutions.


Why we created ‘Smart TALIS’?

TALIS is a leading global provider of premium valves, hydrants and other solutions for water flow control. As leaders we believe we should set the goals for the water market and keep our self ahead of the technology to ensure we bring our customers first class solutions for their needs. 

At TALIS we create the water network by suppling our customers a wide range of products and solutions to be install along the pipes. We work collaboratively with our customers to take them to the next step to manage and control the water flow in order to create a “Smart water network”.


Some SMART products in nutshell:

Sentinel - SENTINEL is the newest and most efficient automated fixed network leak detection solution all over the market.

It combines a patented piezo electric sensor and one of the most advanced data processing system in order to pinpoint precisely the water leaks every day. Thus, the network manager can check the secure Sentinel website to see the new Points Of Interest (POI) detected by both the correlation and the prelocation algorithms.


ULTRAF – A Combination of control valve and an ultrasonic water meter in one. This is a new concept in the water flow market which saves the customer a lot of space inside manholes by combining tow (2) standard elements into one solution.


Moneca – For large volumes of water drawn, regulated by a card for water management and measurement. Pre & post payments are mandatory in order to have a set volume of water. Moneca includes an Anti-Siphon system to prevent backflow of sewage and insure secure sanitary protection.


Apollo – Innovative and simple to install. The APOLLO Is a highly and advance Cellular low power data logger designed to monitor and control water network flow meter, fire hydrants, pressure, water hammer and operate valves from remote locations.

Equipped with four digital inputs , two analogue inputs and two high quality and super sensitive integrated pressure sensors, this makes the APOLLO ideal for pressure management, DMA and NRW reductions.



 SMART INSIDE – Powerful web site located on the cloud, collecting information from units in the field and presenting it to the customer in a graphic intuitive interface. SMART INSIDE is also the name of the free Android application to be installed on a mobile device in order to receive all of the advanced remote control features. The website and the application has been developed here at TALIS by dedicated teams with a wealth of experience building enterprise solutions. We regulary release new updated versions every few weeks to catch the customers dynamic needs.



Join us in a fascinating journey to the future with SMART TALIS.