The world's population is growing at an enormous rate and cities around the world need to ensure they can expand sustainably, operate efficiently and maintain a high quality of life for residents. As water is such a vital resource, it's important that a city's water system is sustainable too. This is where 'smart water' comes in, helping to make best use of what is (in some areas) a scarce resource, as well as maximising energy efficiency.


UN Reports estimate that urban dwellers across the world are increasing at a rate of two people per second. With the majority of the world’s population now living in cities, combined with future predictions that water consumption is expected to double by 2050, creating a successful model for managing water supply is an increasingly important issue.


Given that our precious water resource is under increasing pressure due to population rises and the impact of climate change, it is time for the water sector to start investing in the future of the entire network to provide a sustainable service. The growing need to become more efficient and optimize the existing water network means there is now an increasing demand for new solutions – a SMART solutions.

Why we created ‘SMART TALIS’?

TALIS is a leading global provider of premium valves, hydrants and other solutions for water flow control. As a leaders we believe we should mark the goals for the water market and keep our self in the front of the technology to ensure we bring our customers the right solutions for their needs.

In TALIS we create the water network by suppling our customers a wide range of products and solutions to be install along the pipes. It is our customers who ask as to take them into the next step by managing and control the water flow and make their pipes to become a “Smart water network”.