Data Logger

Innovate and simple to install The APOLLO Is a highly and advance GPRS low power I data logger designed to monitor and control water network flow meter, fire hydrants, pressure, water hammers and open\close valves from remote locations.

Equip with four digital inputs , two analogue inputs and two high quality and supper sensitive integrated pressure sensor, make the APOLLO  ideal for pressure managements, DMA and NRW reductions.

  • Extended internal memory (up to 40,000 values).
  • Ultra-low power consumption (up to 10 years lifetime with one battery pack).
  • Quick installation (include battery replacement).
  • Friendly and intuitive WEB interface.
  • Modbus compatible.
  • 4 digital inputs and 2 analogue inputs.
  • 2 inbuilt pressure sensors (no need for external device).
  • IP68.
  • Water hammer detection algorithm.
  • Third party integration abilities.
  • Remote commands OPEN\CLOSE valves.