Acoustic Leak Detection

SENTINEL is the first fixed network leak detection solution embedded in fire hydrants.

It is fully automated and pinpoints the leaks every day giving GPS coordinates of POIs to be checked by ground microphone on site for confirmation before digging and repairing pipes.

With a battery life exceeding 5 years, SENTINEL solution is the easiest way to find leaks as soon as they appear on networks and to minimize false positives.

  • Unrivalled acoustic performance
  • Daily automated correlation
  • Expert system to determine number of nodes and their position on network
  • Proven technology since 2014
  • Optimal communication
  • Reduced installation time and costs
  • Workers install products in total security on roadside
  • Watertight product (fully potted with resin) even if installed at 1m height on top of hydrants
  • Modularity guarantee ease of maintenance of SENTINEL
  • Guaranteed technical support (hotline)