Smart Water Dispenser


- Tired of unauthorized use of fire hydrants by users?

- Have you faced an increase in Non-Revenue water or Water loss?

- Have you afraid from a polluted water pumping intofire hydrant?

- Have you noticed a global increasing of hydrant maintenance?

MONECA is a complete solution for proposing an alternative hydrant network for professionals, guaranteeing the sanitary protection, the network integrity and the calculation and invoicing of the drawn water.


With more than 1600 units in operation, MONECA combines TALIS's multiple expertise with smart cards, high-standard water dispensers and management software online. MONECA is the standalone hydrant suitable for public places with low installation cost and autonomous power by long-life battery.


The MONECA is securing the water network as it is equipped with non-return valve for pollution protection, pilot valve to avoid water hammer at cloture and a speed limiting device to avoid over speed in network. MONECA is simple to use by utilities and municipalities services typically for street cleaning or tank filling operations. Smart cards allow the access to the MONECA and push-button water dispensing.


- A secured draw thanks to the Smart card access: only the authorized user can draw water on MONECA

- Pre & post payment: bill for the water drown


- Sanitary protection guaranteed by non-return check valve

- Gradual closing and flow limiter to avoid water hammer and pressure variation


- Data is accessible on MONETICARD software sent via GSM, Sigfox or mobile phone - under Android OS, towards Smart-Inside secured web site is the web site which brings together all our software solutions. They can be accessed via a secure connection using a web browser.

Moneticard WEB is a software for the owner of MONECA, running on a website to manage both the user cards and the asset network. The owner manages a subscriber list with associated user cards. User Cards are refilled and each refill gets a receipt. The software features the monitoring of all water consumptions by user cards as well as by assets in a global database. It provides tools for export, maintenance follow ups and different access rights depending of owner operators.

Using modem capability of MONECA SMART, the database is updated automatically from the assets data retrieval. It retrieve the water consumptions by user cards or by assets, to receive an email in case of alarms on an asset and to receive automatic reports with customized information. If no modem is deployed, the database of the asset can be retrieved on a smartphone using MONECA App by a walk-by team and transferred automatically to MONETICARD WEB.

Customers can manage their own user’s accounts and their proprietary data. SMART INSIDE is available in French, English, German, Arabic and Hebrew with the possibility to add other languages. It is based on redundant servers, SSL encrypted, conforms to ISO 27001 with premium availability rate (>99,9%).